Ball Bath Rental

Ball baths are a classic attraction with a timeless appeal and have remained a popular choice with event organisers, largely due to their self contained design, easy set up and appealing designs.

Ball Baths are a particularly good choice for younger children. Because the balls naturally cushion any unintentional rough and tumble, parents can leave their children to play with the balls without having to remain overly watchful.

Ball baths are also a popular choice for parents looking to hire an attraction for a birthday party. Being generally smaller in size than our other inflatable attractions, they will fit into modestly sized gardens. This size advantage also makes ball baths a good fit for shopping malls or businesses with open door days, who are looking for some type of easy to manage children's entertainment.

As ever, a member of our staff will provide explanation about the management and use of this attraction, and we will help you to both choose the right ball bath for you, and any complimentary attractions.

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