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Our special attractions area s showcase for all the attractions we offer which fall outside of our main categories. Many of these attractions serve as great additions to be rented alongside our main inflatable attractions.

Whilst we are delighted to offer our customers such interesting attractions as the Popcorn Machine, Inflatable Obelix costume and the ever popular Caterpillar for younger children, there's no question that the star of our specials is our leading range of Rodeo Bulls.

baby bull inflatable

There's nothing quite as exhilarating as hanging on as that electronic buckaroo tries to throw you from his saddle. Everything is expertly designed to be completely safe, for maximum fun and minimal risk.

To go along with the traditional Rodeo attraction, in 2013 we introduced two new additions to the Rodeo Bull range, the Baby Bull (which provides a smoother ride for younger pardners) and the Rodeo Bull Paddock, which is designed to make falling that bit much more likely but fun. The Rodeo Bulls are suitable for a range of ages and events, so be it for your kids birthday party or your best friends stag night, we will help you choose the Bull to best suit your guests.

Our Rodeo Bull rides are amongst our most popular attractions, and we do recommend booking as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

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